OS Fund invests in entrepreneurs commercializing breakthrough discoveries in genomics, synthetic biology, bio IT, health tech, artificial intelligence and advanced materials.

We never look to invest in a single molecule, model or algorithm. We instead seek out enabling technologies and the platform they power. The companies we believe will be disproportionately successful are building tools that lower barriers to discovery in our specific areas of focus, helping decrease the overall risk of pursuing breakthroughs in the process.

Our portfolio companies develop their own IP to bring technologies to market that solve real-world challenges. They also have a business model that enables further discovery not just for themselves but for the surrounding ecosystem too. When these characteristics are present, we invest with high conviction early in the company’s life, and remain closely involved thereafter.

We partner with entrepreneurs who are working towards quantum-leap discoveries that promise to rewrite the operating systems of life.

Never in the history of mankind has the gap between imagination and creation been so narrow. With our new and powerful tools of creation including engineered biology, genomics, machine intelligence, robotics, software, and others, we can now create the kind of world we could previously only dream of. Where da Vinci could sketch, today we can build.


Bryan Johnson


Bryan invests in and advises entrepreneurs using applied intelligence to commercialize breakthrough discoveries in genomics, synthetic biology and advanced materials.

Prior to founding OS Fund, Bryan founded and built Braintree; a payments provider that powered the industry-wide shift to mobile commerce. Braintree was acquired by eBay in 2013 for $800 million and remains an industry leader.

Jeff Klunzinger


Jeff is the Co-founder of OS Fund. He is focused on discovering and empowering entrepreneurs who are working on advancements that are fundamental to the future of humanity.

Jeff has nearly two decades of experience in the investment business. He was a founding member and CFO of West Family Investments. In his role there, he led a team of seasoned investment professionals through some of the most difficult times in financial market history with tremendous success. Jeff began his career at Ernst & Young where he advised several of the nation’s leading families on complex estate and investment plans and strategies.

Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant. He earned his BA in Accounting from Michigan State University. In his off time, Jeff is passionate about tennis, golf, SCUBA and travel. He lives in Chicago with his family.


We seek to partner with future-literate entrepreneurs who understand our unique time and place in history, and whose overriding ambition in life is to author a better future for humanity. We primarily invest in companies during the earlier stages of their existence.

Unlike many institutional funds that are tied to restrictive models and ownership percentages sanctioned by their limited partnerships, we have the freedom and flexibility to invest in the ways that most benefit the founder at the time of investment. This might be a small check or a large one, as a sole investor or part of a syndicate, in a seed round or later, with a board seat or without.



  • genomics
  • neuroengineering
  • synthetic biology
  • diagnostics
  • computationally derived therapeutics


  • AI/ML
  • Enhanced

Applied Science

  • materials
  • energy, data



We aim to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs that are based on honesty, transparency and genuine support. We listen first, keep an open mind and say what we believe.


We have been in your position and appreciate the enormous difficulty of bringing something new into existence. We know it takes a tremendous leap of faith to raise outside capital. We strive to be the kinds of partners we would value working with.


Yes, financial success is important, but more than anything else, we want to help build enduring companies with soul.


We are eager to support you in building your vision of the future—not to get in the way. We find fulfillment in service and meaning from team-based achievement. We are available to help with strategic and operational context whenever it is needed. We will also provide access to a cross-disciplinary network of entrepreneurs and innovators who have similar goals, challenges and experiences.