How NuMat is Engineering the Building Blocks of the Future, One Molecule at a Time

July 2018

Being able to program and print new molecules opens up new worlds of possibility, in more ways than we can even imagine

Rewrite the OS, Change the World

May 2015

In order to affect real change for humanity at a global scale, we need to think and operate on a fundamental level: the operating system.

Humanity’s Last Great Hope: Venture Capitalists

May 2015

One of the things you hear a lot when you talk to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is that they want to change the world. Some of them even mean it.

Crazy, insane start-ups are this tech investor’s meat and potatoes

May 2015

With today’s technology, we can now create in days, weeks or months what previous generations couldn’t do in a lifetime.

Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It

May 2015

We are exploring the vast world of plants to discover natural compounds that can revolutionize food.

Re-imagining the World’s Food Supply

May 2015

Hampton Creek’s Josh Tetrick is leading a new movement around the future of food. It’s science with an Iron Chef twist.

This Startup Is Designing Yeast To Make Brand-New Scents, Flavors

May 2015

For centuries, humans have used yeast to make beer and bread. Now, a startup is using it to engineer designer fragrances, cosmetics, pesticides, and biofuels.

A New Era of Industrial Engineering: Using Biology

March 2015

We, our environment, our universe all share a common code base. The scientists at Ginkgo are creating the tools and infrastructure needed to build new operating systems and applications using that code.