About OS Fund


We never look to invest in a single molecule, model, or algorithm. We instead seek out enabling technologies and the platforms they power. The companies we believe will be disproportionately successful are building tools that lower barriers to discovery in our specific areas of focus, helping decrease the overall risk of pursuing breakthroughs in the process.

Our portfolio companies develop their own intellectual property to bring technologies to market that solve real-world challenges with significant impact. They also employ a business model that enables further discovery not just for themselves, but for the surrounding ecosystem as well. When these characteristics are present, we invest with high conviction early in the company’s life and remain closely involved thereafter.

We partner with entrepreneurs who are developing novel solutions that promise to rewrite operating systems (OS) and discover solutions to previously unsolvable problems.


OS Fund was created in 2014 by Bryan Johnson and Jeff Klunzinger. To prove our investment thesis and build our team, our early investments were entirely self-funded.

Since then we have refined our investment approach and as our industries have evolved, so have we. The enormous growth in our areas of focus has resulted in exponentially more opportunities for investment. Today, OS Fund employs a robust network of leading subject matter experts with academic and industry backgrounds who are uniquely positioned to identify the most promising opportunities.

Our focused approach and established investment history also provides us a unique first-mover advantage in these rapidly-evolving areas: experience. With each interaction we develop greater insights into the intricacies of these spaces and their keys to building successful companies. Our investment decisions are driven by our experience and our in-depth diligence process.

We are proud to be recognized as leaders within our respective fields, and work hard to maintain this reputation by being a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner.

We are located throughout the United States with team members in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and San Diego.


We are actively investing in computationally driven companies utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop platform technologies in the following areas:


Synthetic Biology

Computationally Derived Therapeutics

Advanced Materials



We seek to partner with future literate entrepreneurs who understand our unique time and place in history, and who possess the ambition to author a better future for humanity. We develop relationships with our portfolio companies in their early stages and provide both strategic and financial support throughout their life cycle.



Our team’s founders have created, developed, and exited transformational companies, so we understand the process and the enormous difficulty of bringing something new into existence. We know that it takes an enormous leap of faith to raise outside capital and strive to be the kind of partner that we would choose to work with.

We aim to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs that are based on honesty, transparency, and genuine support. We listen first, keep an open mind, and provide candid advice.


We are eager to support you in building your vision of the future, not to get in the way. As needed, we proudly help our entrepreneurs consider strategic and operational context, provide IP and commercialization support, and contemplate the financial and ethical consequences of major decisions. We find fulfillment in service, and meaning from team-based achievement.

We provide access to a cross-disciplinary network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and strategic partners who have similar or related goals, challenges, experiences, and interests.

We celebrate the fact that a meaningful number of our investments have been the result of an introduction from an existing portfolio company. We are honored to have earned the trust of our company founders, and look forward to continuing to serve as valued advisors and partners.

“Never in the history of mankind has the gap between imagination and creation been so narrow. With our new and powerful tools of creation including engineered biology, genomics, machine intelligence, robotics, software, and others, we can now create the kind of world we could previously only dream of. Where da Vinci could sketch, today we can build.”

- Bryan R. Johnson, OS Fund Co-Founder