OS Fund is raising $250 million for OS Fund II

OS Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in entrepreneurs and companies that develop breakthrough discoveries in science to address our most pressing global problems. Bryan Johnson and his co-founder Jeff Klunzinger started OS Fund believing that emergent global challenges require a new philosophy of investing and problem-solving.

OS Fund is the next generation of impact investing — supporting and delivering on revolutionary innovations that solve problems on a global scale, at the operating system level. OS Fund invests in entrepreneurs using applied intelligence to commercialize breakthrough discoveries in genomics, synthetic biology, diagnostics, new materials, and data and energy, which creates market-ready solutions to the growing threats we face in public health, natural resources, and global infrastructure.

OS Fund I made 28 investments total, with 27 receiving follow on investment, four valued at over a billion dollars, and two acquired. According to PitchBook, OS Fund’s investments were among the top 10% of U.S. funds in performance. The success of OS Fund has proven that it’s possible to achieve results by breaking the rules that traditionally govern deep tech investing. 

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“Biology, materials, chemistry, and genomics don’t always get the sexy headlines, but investments in deep tech — the combination of science and technology — are going to enable us to solve our most vexing problems and fuel the next great revolutions. We have the tools to tinker with the fundamental building blocks of ourselves and our planet, at every level: atoms, molecules, DNA, and proteins. OS Fund II is focused on enabling entrepreneur scientists to make revolutionary breakthroughs and rewrite the operating systems of life.”

-Bryan Johnson, Co-Founder of OS Fund


“Developing these types of technologies can be considered a moonshot, but that’s what we do best. OS Fund’s support has allowed us to make this vision a reality and do the deep, sustained product development that results in market-ready solutions that create a cleaner, more sustainable world.”

-Ben Hernandez, CEO of NuMat


“It was largely because of OS Fund’s support and leadership in our early stages as a company that we were able to deliver on our initial products and achieve commercial production. The enhanced capabilities of our technology will fundamentally change every economic sector and impact our environment in positive ways.”

-Daniela Grabs, Co-Founder and VP Operations of Arzeda


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