Planetary Resources

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Earth Imaging Technology Today to Enable the Vision of Space Tomorrow.

We’ve been calling space the “final frontier” for more than half a century. But if we are to become a multi-planetary species, we need to first create a financial incentive for sustained space development.


Planetary Resources’ (PRI) CEO Chris Lewicki has a vision to take us there, starting with advanced Earth-imaging tools.

PRI created Ceres, an advanced Earth imaging system that uses the Arkyd 100 spacecraft. While typical satellite imagery provides only a picture, Ceres delivers data with higher spectral resolutions – going beyond what the human eye can see.

At a lower cost than other available satellite data, the Ceres hyperspectral and mid-wave infrared data can image and map water content, temperature, and plants, among many more data points, anywhere on planet Earth. This is high-value actionable intelligence for the agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, financial, insurance, and water industries.

Ceres was originally conceived as a critical technology to prospect asteroids, a long-term goal to, among other things, create a fueling infrastructure in space. The ability to refuel spacecraft is a significant bottleneck to further explore and develop the Solar System.

PRI’s technology creates value now as we continue down the path to further space development by utilizing asteroid resources from our Solar System.